TBSP - TBSP Series Plugs

Threaded plastic plugs for BSP fittings

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TBSP plugs come in a selection of BSP sizes and are designed for use in automotive, radiator and valve manufacturing industries.

This range is available in small order quantities on our online shop. CapXpress. For larger orders please call customer services for more information.

Material: Low-density polyethylene

Standard Colour: Red

Part Number Dim A (mm) Dim B (mm) To Plug Thread Size (IN) Pack Size Quantity
TBSP-1/8-NEW 5.50 15.80 1/8
TBSP-1/4-NEW 6.00 20.60 1/4
TBSP-3/8-NEW 8.00 24.60 3/8
TBSP-1/2-NEW 9.00 27.90 1/2
TBSP-3/4-NEW 11.00 34.70 3/4
TBSP-1-NEW 12.00 38.80 1